Monday, February 13, 2012

TV Drama Trivia

Which isn't an actual CSI (CBS) spin-off? CSI Chicago

On 'White Collar' (USA) - which actor plays agent Clinton Jones? Sharif Atkins

'SMASH' (NBC) does NOT star: Carrie Underwood

'White Collar' (USA) is about the unlikely partnership of: Con Artist & FBI Agent

The CW's "Ringer" stars this actress playing twins Bridget Kelly and Siobhan Martin. Sarah Michelle Gellar

What was the 2nd most-watched show during Super Bowl XLVI? Downtown Abbey

This dark Showtime comedy skewers the subculture of high-priced business consultant. House of Lies

The current season of FOX's "House" will be its last. True

This gritty TNT series gives a street-level look inside the lives of LAPD officers. Southland

The new Spanish teacher on FOX's "Glee" is... Ricky Martin

Which ABC Family show features a high school outsider living a double life as a career girl in the fashion world? Jane By Design

This new NBC legal drama is a sequel to the John Grisham novel and movie. The Firm

'LUCK' (HBO) is centered around characters tied to the same: Horse-Racing Track

Dustin Hoffman stars in this HBO drama about the world of competitive horse racing. Luck

'SMASH' (NBC) is a backstage drama about a fictional Broadway musical called: Marilyn

'LUCK' (HBO) Exec Producer Michael Mann also produced this iconic 80's TV series: Miami Vice

This ABC creeper is about a missing nature show host and his family's quest to find him. The River

ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars" follows four teens as their clique falls apart when their leader ___ vanishes. Alison DiLaurentis

ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars" is based on the popular series of novels written by... Sara Shepard

Which "Bones" spinoff on FOX features a man who can locate anything for anyone? The Finder

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